Carina's Cattery

At Carina’s Cattery the accommodation consists of:

  • Single Chalets - 1 cat
  • Double Chalets - 2 cats
  • Family Units - 3 cats +
  • All chalets have exercise runs
  • All chalets has 3 - 4 levels for climbing
  • All chalets have a private area for each cat to feel secure.
  • Full height sneeze screens
  • Cosy beds and individual heater pads in all sleeping areas if required
  • Selection of toys for stimulation (or feel free to bring your own)
  • The indoor cattery has a radio, to provide a household ambience
  • Fitted with air conditioning and central heating

Cattery Bedding - We feel it helps settle your cat if you bring its own toy, bed or basket with which the cat is familiar. We do provide our own bedding and heat pads if required at no extra cost.

Cattery Feeding - As every cat has different dietary needs age, condition related we decided to charge a lower daily rate and ask that you bring your cats food with them for their stay. This will result in a happy healthy cat that will enjoy its stay rather than getting upset an upset tummy on new foods.